I was reading a great blog post and it quoted Jim Rohn and he had said, “Succeeding is easier than making excuses.” And it really got me thinking about how much excuses have cost me in my life.
You see, the more excuses I made the more it damaged my self confidence and the more my self confidence was damaged the more I was unmotivated to do anything and then the more that happened the more afraid I became to even try something which lead to more excuses.
It was a vicious circle which left me defeated and on a road where none of my dreams came true.
When I choose to stop making excuses as to why I couldn’t do something and started to look for solutions, guess what happened. I found them and when I took action it opened up more doors and things became easier and then when it was time to move to the next level instead of making excuses because it became more difficult, I looked for solutions which allowed me to grow even more.
As this happened my self confidence grew and I was able to achieve more and more success, and even though I haven’t reached every goal yet, I am so much further down the road then I ever thought that I could get to.
So today you have a choice. Success or excuses?
Now before you think that this was all easy. It wasn’t. There were times that it was frustrating looking for solutions because it took longer than I though. There were times that I had to give up things to grow into the person I needed to be for the level I was at.
It was worth it. Success is always worth the cost that you pay for it. The freedom that you attain and the ability to have control over your life makes the things that you give up seem petty once you get there.
Is it worth it? Most definitely?
So make the choice today.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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