So I know that this is probably not the most exciting topic I could talk about, but if this is happening to you entire future can be at stake.

Do you find yourself constantly starting things with a lot of excitement but never completing them?

For example you go to a company meeting and get all excited and you are going to go out there, recruit a lot of people, win the contest, but by the next day you have already talked yourself out it, without even trying.

Do you try something but give up when the first obstacle hits without even trying to overcome it?

Is everything too hard?

Are you constantly say to yourself, “I am too (young, old, ugly, dumb, not popular enough or any other negative thing.)”

Do you have quick excuses for why you won’t even try simple things in your business?

Do you blame everyone else for your business problems? Like your leader, your company, the comp plan or anything else?

If any of these apply to you then I have a revelation for you and I hope that it doesn’t offend you, but sets you free…

You are not successful because deep down inside you don’t really believe that you can be success and you sabotage yourself to make sure that your beliefs become a reality.

It is not someone else’s fault that you haven’t succeeded. It is yours and once you accept that you have taken that important first step to changing your future.

I have good news. You can change how you believe about things.

The first step is recognition of what is going on and that means becoming very aware of what you are thinking, feeling and saying.

You see we have an internal dialogue that is going on continually in our heads and we have trained ourselves not to listen to it.

The problem is that dialogue has a big effect on the choices and actions that we make.

If that dialogue is filled with negative, self limiting beliefs then your actions won’t succeed. If it filled with faith, belief and hope then you will succeed.

Your brain makes chemical grooves that create thought patterns and behavioural responses to those thoughts and they can be either negative or positive. This makes it easier for your brain to function. That why habits are so hard to break because you brain wants to go that way and will do it without you even being aware of it.

That is why successful people become more successful, because they have trained their brains to be successful.

So start listening to what you are thinking. When a situation happens, don’t immediately react, stop and listen to what you are saying to yourself.

For example. Someone invites you to an event where you can get customers and recruits. Stop and listen to the first thought that comes into your head. Is it, “That won’t work, why even bother trying, everyone else will get recruit and customers but not me.” If it is you will make some excuse as to why you can’t go.

As you become more aware of your thought patterns you can move onto step two…

Making the conscious choice not to listen to it and act in the opposite direction. Here is how it works.

You recognize the thought and you realize that it is negative, in your brain you need to say to yourself, “That is not true and then state the positive to that thought.”

If you are by yourself it makes it really more effective to say it out loud because the more senses you get into the process, the faster things change.

Now here is the big part, do the action that you said you couldn’t do. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t even have to see results, just do it. Over time as you do this you will see results.

Step three. Be very careful what you are feeding your brain on a regular basis.
If all you watch and here are negative messages and stupid shows on TV that program you to not believe then you need to get rid of them and fill your brain with thoughts and stories of success.

Read good materials and watch inspirational stories. Learn from people who are successful.

Fill your brain with success and eventually you will start to become successful.

I hope that this post today has helped you start on your road to success.

Have a great day,
Kim Thompson-Pinder


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