It makes me sad to see so many people fail in MLM. They join in hopes of having a better life then fail, mostly because of the reason I am going to give you below. Can I be honest with you? I WAS one of those people who failed several times before achieving success, and I could check mark just about every reason below for it.
1) Lack of Training/No Self Growth.
If you are unteachable or aren’t willing to invest in your self growth you will fail. The other end of the pendulum is desperately wanting training but not having any available. In that case you need to go outside of your company to do it.
2) No Goals Set. As the famous saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
3) Trying Any & Every Program and never committing to any of them. It takes times to build a business, and you just can’t quit and try something new because it didn’t work the first few times your tried it. Get someone to help you who knows what they are doing. Have them watch you and give you suggestions.
4) Procrastination. Need I say anymore? Get off the couch and take action. Record your favourite show and watch it when you are successful and can afford to take the time.
5) Non-Consistent Action. Only doing your business when it is convenient or doing it every now and then will not bring you success. You must have actions planned every business to make your home based business grow.
6) Fear. The only thing I can say about this one is that you have a choice. Your fear or success. You can’t have both. You might feel like your heart is going to pound right out of your chest the first time you go to talk to a stranger about your opportunity, (mine did), but when you get your 1st, then your 10th, then your 50th recruit, you will be so glad that you did.
7) Lack of Leadership. This is the one I can relate to the most. I spent years looking for someone to lead/mentor me. I am so thankful that I did 5 years ago, it made all the difference. If your leader isn’t helping you then find someone who will, and learn from them. If you don’t have someone who is willing to help you. Would you consider me? I can’t do everything that a leader does for you, but I would sure love to answer any questions if I can and to congratulate and applaud you on a job well done.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, have HOPE. You can change them starting today and put yourself on the road to a better place.
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I so-oo-oo believe in you and your dreams,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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4 Responses to “7 Reasons Why 95% of People Fail in Network Marketing”

  1. KimThompsonPinder

    It is always good to know that my blog posts are helping. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. Jeannie Smith

    Kim, I can so relate to you. I signed up to sell Avon in Jan 2008. For 2 months I did nothing but order stuff for me and books each time. I was scared to talk to strangers. I went on EBay and bought 3 zip files that this Avon rep had. They have from business cards, punch cards, letters to businesses, great book labels, home parties, book parties and so much more. I finally went to an Avon meeting. A girl there told me about to order business cards, didn’t know I needed them. Then I started printing out this one label that had be your own boss, only $10 to start. I started getting a lot of calls to sign up . I started ordering a 100 books and put them in different businesses. But when I would go back, my books would be gone and no orders. Now I did get a few but it seemed when the order came in, the person didn’t have the money or I couldn’t get in touch with them. (Now, I get all my customers to pay in upfront). My district manager was new and was excited that I was signing up so many. I ordered magnetic signs for my car then I later got a window decal. But I was not treating my business as a business. The biggest order every time came from me. I started to have a hard time paying and had to send stuff back. Plus the 20 or so people I had signed up, eventually stopped. It seemed that my company offered all new recruits a 40% discount for the first 4 campaigns and on the 5th, it was up to you to sell so you could get a discount. Now, they don’t do that which is better. Anyway, my DM would take me out recruiting in parking lots. I never had any luck, others did. Plus the ones I signed up, I did not follow up with. I eventually had to make payments to pay down my account. So now, I have only about 10 customers who have been with me from the beginning that stayed with me. Now I want to get back into Leadership and get more customers. But I procrastinate too much. I don’t have anyone to help me really learn to recruit and build my business until I found you. Last week I gave out 12 books, got names and numbers. When I followed up with them before the order, nobody put an order in. Everyone had excuses or I didn’t hear back after leaving text messages. I have never done an event. But a business contacted me and I am going to be doing one this Saturday, May 2. I had to have my own table though. When I contacted the new DM, she said she did not have any tables, banners or Avon table cloths. She told me to go to Walmart to get one and I could order an Avon table cloth from Town And Country. I don’t have the extra money right I went on my Facebook page to ask if I could borrow a table. 3 of my friends said I could borrow one. I did find a hot pink plastic table cloth at Family Dollar for $1.00. The lady who was going to loan me her table, texted me on Monday. Even with her table folded, she could not get it in her car. Now she did one of the nicest things, she said since she had promised to let me borrow her table, she was going to buy me one. I didn’t know what to say, except thank you. I went to Walmart to pick it up. She told me now that was one thing I did not have to buy. I have also friended some Avon reps who have a lot of people so I can get some ideas. Plus, they have signed me up in some of their groups. One lady told me just to when I can, buy a full size black sheet to use on the table. I have been praying too. For some reason, everything seems to be working out for me to go to my first event. I would like to later purchase a tent canopy to use when it is hot and I will order a plastic sign for recruiting to put on table. So now even though I have had no help with the person who I am under or the new DM, I am getting help from above and new friends. Plus I do have one lady who wants to sell after she takes her final exams , so maybe next week, but I will follow up and I am trying to memorize your script. This time, when I build my team, I am going to have monthly meetings to help. I know just about all of my companies products and know how to help someone new. So Kim with your help, me reading more recruiting/marketing books, I will become a leader again.

  3. KimThompsonPinder

    Thanks so much for sharing Jeannie and I know that you are going to do great tomorrow on your event. Here is one thing I have learned. you get what you expect. I have learned to expect good customers and recruits who do what they are supposed to.

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