In your business this is a new season. It is the beginning of the best time of year in MLM/Network Marketing and Direct Sales. The Fall/Christmas season.
This is where people open up their wallets to shop and their minds to new ways to make money to shop with and all they are waiting for is you to present your products and opportunity to them. And where is the best place to do that? Your local market.
“But I am an online only person. Why should I work my local market when there are millions of people on the internet?” Good question, and I think that the best answer for that is relationships.
In the online world it is so easy to have people become numbers, with no loyalty. Lose one, “Oh well,” I will just get another. The problem is that kind of business is like a house built on shifting sand. No foundation, and if someone comes along who has a better price or offers your team relationship and leadership your business is toast.
On the other hand, I have an incredibly loyal group of customers and team members that I have invested in, who would not leave me no matter what, all built in my local market. I am not saying that you can’t and shouldn’t use the internet as part of your plan to build your business, but building a core of local people will give you the stability to be able to branch out without the fear of losing it all.
So let’s look at 5 ways of reaching out to your local market that will get you lots of exposure to present your products and opportunity.

1. Fundraisers
There are so many groups and organizations that are looking for unique ways to make money without having to sell chocolate bars anymore. Many companies have fundraising products that you can offer to these groups where they will make good earnings on them. If they don’t make up your own package and give them as much as you can. Remember to always dress and act professional when presenting to these groups. It will get you more yeses.
2. Sport Activities
Many sport teams are starting back up again, and you know what that means, lots of moms and dads sitting in the stands watching their children either practice or play. It also means a lot of money going out for equipment, fees and transportation. They make great recruit leads because they already have a built in customer base that doesn’t require any extra time because they all meet at the same place at the same time with nothing to do but wait. Go to some of the games, get to know some of the parents. Talk to them and when the time is right present you opportunity.
3. Tailgating
You are probably wondering what in the world is tailgating? It’s actually very simple. You park in a public place, decorate up your vehicle (minivans work best), open up your trunk and give away free samples and your catalogues to anyone who wants them. Of course you also offer your opportunity as well. I have gotten many recruits and customers this way and it costs you almost nothing.
Just a quick warning. If you are going to park in store or mall parking lots please get permission first. One thing about your local market, you don’t want to get a bad reputation for being disrespectful of other businesses.
4. Fall Festivals, Christmas Shows and Malls
I have had much success using all 3 of these venues to build my business. Yes, they do cost money, but you usually make it back in new customers and recruits, also if your company has a charity that they support through the sale of speciality products, you can sometimes get into these places for free because you are not making any money. The great thing about these venues is that you can talk to hundreds of people in the space of a few hours. It is not unusual for me and my team to come out with 20 recruit leads and 60 customers. How cool is that?
5. Referrals
Referrals are probably the most rewarding part for me as I work with my local market. When my customers contact me to tell me that they have 3 friends who want to buy from me, it lets me know that I am doing a good job. Customer leads who are referred to you by your loyal customers, become good customers and sometimes recruits as well.

Building in your local market does take work and time, but the rewards are worth it. Just think of the potential $100 000, $200 000 or $500 000 in team sales that you have guaranteed as a foundation for you to expand on.

Have a great successful Fall/Christmas Season,

Kim Thompson-Pinder

If you want some more great ideas on things that you can do in your local market to get recruits and customers then check out my book on Amazon called Network Marketing Recruiting: 50 Fun Low Cost Ways To Find Local Recruits and Customers

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