For many of us recruiting is the stumbling block that hold us back from the success and financial freedom that we want in life.
Many people have joined a MLM/Network Marketing company with the hopes of building a new future for themselves and very quickly become disappointed and discouraged because the one thing they need to do to build that future seems so out of reach.
And that is recruiting people into their company.
So how to do boost your confidence in your ability to recruit people?
Well before we cover that, we need to overcome one big hurdle first.
And that is your belief in whether you can recruit or not. For 12 years I believed that only naturally talented, beautiful, popular people were able to recruit and I wasn’t one of them. So why even bother to try.
Then there was the other half of me that was fighting to get out that said, “That is bunk. You are just as worthy as anyone else and there must be a way to learn how to do it.”
Thankfully, that half of me kept me going until I learned how to recruit.
And that comes to my main point. ANYONE CAN LEARN HOW TO RECRUIT PEOPLE.
Yes, there are some naturally talented people who do it without even knowing how they do it (about 3%), but the rest of the successful MLMer’s LEARNED HOW. Which means you can too. So if you don’t already believe that you can, kick that out of your head and replace it with, “I can recruit people and I am not going to stop until I learn how.”
So now that you have made the decision that you are going to recruit people, how do you boost your confidence? Here are 5 ways.
1. Be Yourself
While I am a big fan of scripts and patterns of recruiting, you need to take those and make them your own.
It is great to study how other people recruit and I actually recommend it, but in the end you still need to be you and find the way of recruiting that suits your personality and style. So try all sorts of different ways to recruit. Practice them and find the ones that work really well for you.
I can tell you from experience that if you try to be someone else you will fail miserably and feel miserable as well.
2. Don’t Care What Others Think
This one is huge. Other people especially your family and friends may not be supportive in the beginning and may even try to discourage you from going out there and recruiting people. They might even feel like they are truly trying to help you.
The truth is if you plan on becoming successful most people will not understand and can even be threaten by the success that you want, because they don’t believe that they can be successful. So you have to determine in your heart ahead of time that you will not let their lack of belief stop you from achieving the financial freedom that you want.
The other thing you need to be careful of is the opinions of other people in your company including your leader. You may find a recruiting style that really works for you, but is completely different from how your leader does it and you can’t be trapped by the box they may want to put you in.
Always, respectfully listen to your leader, but if you have found a legitimate way to recruit and you are having success in it, don’t stop just because you leader tells you that the only way to recruit is their way. Have the courage to step out and continue in that way that works for you.
3. Be Willing To Try New Things
Here is the other side of the coin to number 2. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut that there is only one way to recruit. Be willing to explore and try new things. I am always trying new things and even though I have my few favourites I have found that by trying new things it has increased my ability to recruit amazingly.
Every time you work on a new way to recruit, even if it doesn’t become your main way, you are learning new skills that can apply to other situations and you will have these Aha moments where you can apply what you have learn doing it one way into the way you do it now.
4. Positive Self Talk
There is power in the words that we say in our head and out loud. So make sure that you are thinking and saying brings life to your business and not death. It is simple. Positive words and thoughts will ultimately bring positive result. Negative words and thoughts will ultimately bring negative results because we act and behave according to what we say and feel and if everything is negative you will subconsciously sabotage yourself to make the words you think and say become real.
The opposite is true. If your thoughts and words are positive you subconscious will do things to make those words come true.
5. Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it
I cannot stress enough that they only way that you are going to learn how to recruit people is to get out there and practice. You can spend all the time you want learning about recruiting, but until you get out there and actually do it, you will never master it.
Will you mistakes? Yes. Will you look foolish every once in a while. Yes. But is it worth looking foolish to someone who won’t even remember you tomorrow if it brings you success and financial security down the road? For me it is.
I have been recruiting people for almost 8 years now and I still mess up every once in a while, but does that stop me. Never. I just laugh it off and continue with my day.
So this has been a long blog post, but hopefully it will help you start on your journey to success.

To Becoming A Recruiting Superstar,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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2 Responses to “5 Steps To Boosting Your Confidence In Recruiting”

  1. Janie Berks

    I heard you this afternoon on the Deb Bixler show, while driving back (I live in SC) from Richmond, VA where I attended the Belinda Ellsworth Anniversary Tour seminar. You broke it down into such simple numbers for me. And as soon as I got home I talked to 4 people about hosting. You see I need to fill my calendar, if I fill my calendar, I will also have more opportunity to recruit. I do a lot of events and not many home parties. My focus is on home parties. My little team is spread out over all the states I’ve done events in, I need a “home” team.
    Thank you.

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