Did the title grab your attention? It should. You have a decision to make and for some of you it is going to be a difficult one, one that may make you feel like a meanie. Now before you stop reading this post, let me explain.

One thing that is rarely taught in business is how to prioritize your time with your customers and recruits, and it could be costing you a lot of time, energy, strength and money.

There are people who should never be your customer or recruits and it is time that you let them go, so that you can build the business that you want. It is ok and actually vital to let them go. You are not being mean by doing it. You are putting you and your family first. If you don’t do it, who will.

There are certain people who will destroy you business and your joy if you let them, and it is time that you change that.

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There are three categories of people that should never either be a customer or a recruit. These people make your business hard to do and actually give you negative results.

1.Needy People

This people will flatter you in the beginning and tell you how great you are and always want to spend time with you. At first you think that it is great, but then you start to realize that they aren’t doing anything. They are hanging around you because it makes them feel important. They aren’t interested in achieving anything, they are only interested in what you can give them. When you try to pull away, they try to cling on tighter and will emotionally manipulate to get what they want.

They will cry, they will get mean and accuse of anything and everything and they are a master of guilt trips. The best thing you can do is to slowly move away from them. Don’t always answer them right away and when they get overbearing you need to put your foot down.

These type of people produce nothing and will emotionally suck you dry so that you have nothing left for anyone else. If they are on your team, then stop working with them, if they are customer, just stop contacting them at all and do not deliver any materials to them. Over time they will get the message and move onto someone else who will give them what they crave.

2.Demanding/Critical People

Have you ever worked with someone who never has anything positive to say? I have. These people drag you down into the mud. They never believe they can accomplish anything and they don’t.

They don’t want you to accomplish anything either and get jealous and will try to sabotage you when you do. The best way to deal with these type of people is to just have nothing to do with them at all. Get away as fast as you can.

3.The Excuse Makers

These are people who want to be successful, but are unwilling to do what it takes to get there. At first, they seem great and will make you all these promises to make themselves look good, but when you actually get try to get them to do something, the excuses start.

They are really great at making excuses that are so believable that you give them another and then another chance. Over time you start to realize that there is always an excuse. Most of the time these are nice people, but deep down inside they have a mental mindset block that they need to overcome.

They will occasionally produce something and you don’t need to get rid of them, but you can’t rely on them either. Just let them do what they decide to do and when they do achieve something recognize them for it. Don’t spend anytime on them.

Spend your valuable time with your customers and team members who bring something to you. Invest in those who will work with you, the rest you have to let go. This is your future, this is your family and you can’t sacrifice what is precious to you, for someone who will not appreciate it and will take what you offer and then demand more.

To Your Success,

Kim Thompson-Pinder

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