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First of all I would like you to know how awesome it is that you have that entrepreneurial spirit in you and that you are deciding to act on it. Even so much more important is the fact that I am so thankful that you have landed on this page and that you are considering working with me in my MLM company. It is something that I take seriously.

However if you are on this page because you want me to speak at one of your events, coach you or train you personally when it comes to creating the business that you want then shoot me an email at   Kim Sept 2014-2

After 20 years in the industry and the many companies I was in I have seen a whole lot of opportunities, comp plans, systems and products, you name it I have seen it.

Honestly, I love the MLM/Home Based Business Industry, but it has it’s faults and having experienced what doesn’t work and 8 years of what does I have learned what is important and what isn’t and that is why I have planted my flag in my current company and that is why I am staying put.

Here Are Some Reasons Why I Choose To Stay In My Company…

  • Awesome company leadership, my company spends millions of dollars a year providing each and every representative with an area manager whose only job is to help you build the business that you want.
  • Down the drain products for the whole family that are bought again and again. The great thing is that you can promote these products both offline and online and get double the sales.
  • Our system is so easy to learn that if you follow it you will be making money in your first week with us.
  • There are very few companies out there that truly past the test of time. Mine is one of them. We have over 100 years experience in creating successful reps.
  • High quality products at prices that everyone can afford. That means that everyone can use and enjoy our products and you will never run out of potential customers and recruits.


Now maybe these things aren’t as important to you as they are to me, but knowing what to look for in a company is one of the most important things that will affect your success and finding a company that’s a good fit for you.


My story isn’t unique. Like so many I decided that I wanted to have my own business from home that would bring in the extra money I needed for my family. I picked the first company I came across and the main leader there promised me to show me how to build a big business, so I joined. That was a big mistake. She left a few weeks later and hadn’t shown me anything.

That started a 12 journey to learn how to build a successful business. I ended up in a few companies, but no one was willing to help me learn how to recruit. Everyone I joined under was a natural born recruiter and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t recruit with just the instructions of ‘go talk to people’. I was anything but a natural born recruiter and those instructions would just frustrate me but I kept the hope in my heart that one day that someone would come along who would teach me…

That happened eight years ago and I have never turned back since. I joined my current company and I met the mentor who would finally show me what I had long to learn for so long and it was actually easy!

Over the years, I have met so people who think that recruiting and building a team is hard and I understand how they feel because I felt that way for so long then I found out the truth and now I want to anyone who wants to be successful in MLM.

Now as much as I love helping people, I don’t just recruit anyone who wants to be a part of my team. There are lots of people who just want a quick get rich quick scheme or someone who is going to build the business for them. That is not what I do. Also my time is valuable and I am only going to invest it in the right people. I have way too respect for my time and yours so I will not waste it.


What Are A Few Things I Look For When Thinking About Working With Someone…

  • Someone who is teachable and is willing to hear what they need to hear vs just wanting their ears tickled.
  • Someone who has dreams and goals and the ambition to work towards them.
  • Someone who is reliable and is able to be self motivated
  • Someone who doesn’t let others control their success by their words   No Excuses
  • Someone who is willing to work for success, not just wish for it
  • Someone who accepts responsibility and doesn’t makes excuses   


If this sounds like you then I am very excited to get to know you and probably work with you.

My team has private resources and training that is only available for serious, teachable business builders who want to rock it! These trainings provide a serious advantage as it creates a system that anyone can follow and succeed. You will not only get training from me but also form people who know how to succeed and can help you get there too!

I am here for a reason. I have a passion to grow, financial freedom, to reach my goals and dreams and to grow as a person. One of the best parts is that I get to help others reach their goals and dreams at the same time and that is awesome.

If you are ready to grow with me, and are ready to be a part of a serious team of motivated entrepreneurs who are moving forward, then I am looking for you!


Bottom Line: I am looking to work with someone who is self motivated, and wants to create their own Home Business so that they can have the life they were meant to have.



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