You are all excited about the prospect of joining a MLM company and having your own home based business. This is your time to shine and create the future you want for yourself and your family. With very little thought or consideration you join the first company that catches your fancy with their amazing website or by someone who says all the right things.
Less than one moth later you have realized that you have made a huge mistake that has not only cost you money and time, but has destroyed your hope that you can have a better future. Or maybe…
It hasn’t destroyed your hope completely but it has set you on a path of hope and despair as you go from company to company trying to find the right one and ultimately you quit because you just can’t keep doing it anymore.
You keep on wondering if maybe you are just not cut out to be an entrepreneur and yet something keeps burning in your heart that there must be more.
Have you ever considered that you were made to be an entrepreneur and for success, but maybe your focus is in the wrong place?
Maybe choosing a company in MLM isn’t about a flashy website and having the newest and the greatest shiny object that is the next biggest fad that everyone can sell but you. Maybe choosing the right company has nothing to do with the right products or compensation plan, maybe it has to do with being under the right leader who can mentor you to success.
I spent 12 years going from company to company and each time it was the same. I would join and the person who recruited me would promise me all they help and support I needed and the first time I asked them to teach me how to recruit, all I got was, “Talk to people,” as if that is some magic formula that makes 100’s of people join your team.
I attended all the company trainings hoping I would get the training I was looking for (and I usually had to travel at my expense to do it, even though I wasn’t making any money,) and at most I got a motivational speech and testimonials from people who had done it, but nothing practical to help me.
Because I wasn’t a natural born recruiter and I needed a lot of help, most leaders soon grew tired of me and ignored me completely, leaving me on my own to figure it out. It always left me feeling unworthy, discouraged and hopeless.
There was this entrepreneurial spirit in me that couldn’t be quenched and I knew that if I could find someone to mentor me and teach me the skills I needed I would succeed and that is what happened 8 years ago. I was blessed to join a company where I was mentored and taught everything I needed to become successful and now it is my turn to give back.
Having a good leader is one of the main things you need to know to make the right decision about which company to work for, but did you know that there are also 9 other important contributing factors?
That’s why I am doing a very special webinar where I will show you the 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Joining A MLM Company. If someone is saved from 12 years of hurt and struggle because of this training, then that will mean a lot to me, like I have accomplished something.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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