I created this blog post back in 2012 and as I was going through and cleaning up my blog post folder I started reading this and realized it is still relevant for today. So enjoy

I had a wonderful interview yesterday with Doug Firebaugh for the Home Business Radio Network and we talked about what tips would I give someone to help them succeed in this business and after the interview my first thought was that I wanted to share them with you as well. So here they are.

1. Let Go Of The Past

The past with all of its shame, disappointments, failures, and negative words that were spoken over you can only hold you back if you let it. You can change those thought patterns, you can choose to be successful even though everyone told you that you were a loser. You can take action and become a successful person. You are not a victim, you are a VICTOR. If you would like a really great, radical, in your face book on prosperity thinking than check out Prosperity Mind by Randy Gage. Make the choice today.

2. Be Careful Who You Share Your Entrepreneurial Dreams With
Your dream is very precious to you and should never be shared unless you know that person will support and encourage you. You have been given a special gift and don’t let some naysayer crush you because they have poverty thinking. Why expose yourself to such negativity. Surround yourself with people who think the same way you do, that will lift you up, encourage you and help keep you on the right track.

3. Educate Yourself
Jim Rohn use to say, “Work harder on yourself then you do your job.” The reason he said that is to become a person who can handle success you must change. There are things that you need to let go of and things that you need to take in. Your thoughts, words and actions must change. Take time each day to learn more about yourself, and to learn new skills that will help you become more proficient in your business. The biggest investment that you can make is in yourself.

4. Find Out What Works For You
There are many systems out there for learning how to recruit and sell. You need to find the one that works best with who you are and your personality. While there are some things that are the foundations of our business, how you do them is unique to you. Find yourself a teacher (there are many good ones online) or upline/mentor that can help you find your own style that helps you recruit the most people and sell the most product. That leads us to…..

5. You Can’t Do It Alone
You need someone that you can hold yourself accountable too. Someone who cares enough to be honest with you in love. Someone who will tell you when you are getting off track without criticizing you. Someone who is positive and can encourage you when you need it, but also kick your butt when you need it. Someone who believes in you and will invest in you.

6. Self Discipline, Hard Work and Being Consistently Consistent
If you are like me then those words do not give you the warm fuzzies. At one point in my life I probably would have consider them the enemy. I know now that they are they best friends that you can have, because they are the ones that are going to bring you to success. It is not one huge action that brings you to success. It is all the small, mundane actions done consistently over a period of time that will get you there. After a while they start to pile up and create momentum in your business, but first you have to pay the cost.

7. Focus On The Positive
You are going to hit obstacles, speed bumps and disappointments along the way. Solve the problem by choosing to focus on the solution, not the problem. Also this is a journey. Learn to enjoy each stage that you are in and be thankful.

8. Use Your Time Wisely
There are activities that will keep you busy but produce no results. Focus your time on the things that really matter like recruiting, developing your teams and increasing your sales. If you aren’t seeing results then drop that activity and focus on what you know works.

9. Don’t Quit
If you quit you will never succeed!!!!!! Success is like an endurance race and the ones that win are those who cross the finish line. It doesn’t matter what spot you cross just as long as you make it.

10. Believe in Yourself
As much as I can tell you that I believe in you (and I do) if you don’t believe in yourself it won’t matter what I say. This is something that only you can decide deep down inside of yourself. It is something that you fight to hold onto with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength. It will be tested, people will come against it, but ultimately it is your choice.

Choose to believe in yourself. Fight those inner demons that say you aren’t good enough. In fact, do more than that. Kick them to the curb and tell them to never come back. You are worthy and you can do this. That’s what you need to keep telling yourself. I try not to repeat myself, but this is worth repeating. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I know that you can succeed. You were uniquely created with special gifts and talents to succeed. The only one stopping you is YOU.

Make yourself successful today, start the journey that will lead you to heart’s desires and bring you joy.

To Your Success,
Love Ya,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

P.S. If you want help with your mindset and dealing with things like fear and procrastination then check out my book on Amazon, MLM Mindset Minutes: Proven Self Help & Daily Encouragement For Those In MLM http://www.amazon.com/MLM-Mindset-Minutes-Self-Help-Encouragement-ebook/dp/B00J3WOHKU/


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Just like we all have different personalities, different likes, different tastes in food, we also recruit best using different methods and the sooner you find the one that you are best at the better.
I love this quote by Albert Einstein.
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
Many times were are taught to recruit and we feel stupid because we just can’t seem to recruit in the way that the person teaching us is doing it and if that is you then you really need to read the rest of this blog post and be set free.
ANY AVERAGE PERSON CAN LEARN TO RECRUIT! So the first thing you need to do is to get that into your head that you can recruit people.
You don’t have to have magical powers, be naturally gifted or even popular.
You don’t have to be male or female, good looking or the one that everyone looks up to.
All you need to be is courageous, teachable and never give up and you will succeed. Why?
Because recruiting is a skill, not a natural talent and any skill can be learned over time with enough effort.
Now it is time to help you figure which type of recruiting is best for you.
Now the four main categories are:
Social Media
Let’s look at each one is a little more detail.
These are activities that you do in and around your local community to build your team and is a very personal way of recruiting because the whole process starts with you talking to someone.
This is actually one of the easiest and best ways to recruit because it takes the least amount of skill and the least amount of time and money to learn how to do.
In fact with the right script and knowing where to go you can recruit your next person within a couple of days.
The great thing is that there are so many ways to recruit locally. You can do events, shows, home parties, job fairs or it can be as simple as going to parks, talking to people you come across everyday or even sitting on your lawn and talking to people as they pass by.
If you want to learn how recruit you next person locally in the next few days then check out my Recruit Your Way To Success In your Local Market https://kimthompsonpinder.com/recruit-your-way-to-success/
I have decided to keep it on sale a little longer at the $19.95 price tag (regularly $97) because the new course that is going to replace it is not quite done yet. So take advantage of this because the new training program will be much smaller and once I release it this one will be gong into the vault forever.
Offline methods are basically ways of advertising your business that include things like classified ads, radio, television ads and magazine ads. Using bulletin boards and other such things to let people know about your business and getting them to contact you.
Here is the downside to this method. It can cost you a lot of money to learn how to do it effectively.
Writing an ad that converts enough people to not only pay for the ad but also give you a profit is a skill that takes time and patience and money while you learn.
It can also be very exciting and addictive to see the words that you have written bring results.
It requires you to be able over a period of time test ads and ultimately come out with the winner that will build your business the fastest but…
It is a great way to recruit a lot of people once you have mastered it because it takes very little time and brings in great results.
Here is the main thing…
Count the cost before using this method and make sure that you prepared to put money out with possibly few results in the beginning.
Social Media
If you love people and love connecting and developing relationships, then social media is probably the best method for you because that is what Social Media is all about.
Now social media recruiting is not about posting everywhere, “Buy my stuff, join my team,” and even though you see it everywhere if you check most of those posts you will see no response and no engagement.
The better route is to connect with a whole bunch of people, provide value, position yourself as a leader in the know and then when the time is right introduce people to your business via private messaging and then if they are interested take off social media to a phone call or Skype chat.
Most people have this very unrealistic expectation that you can post something on Social Media and hundreds of people are going to click on the link and join their team without any effort on their part.
Like any other form of recruiting, there are skills that you need to learn to be able to recruit on Social Media.
Here is one of the big plus sides of Social Media, it doesn’t cost you anything to practice but time and you never run out of people to talk to.
This is the lost difficult to learn and will cost you the most money and time with potentially no results in the beginning.
You will have to be very tech savvy and you will have a huge learning curve.
When I started on this journey I thought that my head was going to spin off of my shoulder with the amount of knowledge I had to learn in a such a small space of time.
Is it worth it?
The wonderful thing about online is that once you have it set up, you can automate it 90% of it and then just contact the leads to qualify them and have them join your team.
You will brand yourself as a leader through the use of your website and autoresponder (and if you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad. I didn’t either when I first got started. I had to ask. Your autoresponder is your email system.) and then you will have to learn all the different ways to drive traffic so that a percentage of them will want to join your team.
So how do you know which one to choose?
When you read this post which one jumped out at you? Which one made you excited?
Still not sure?
If you really can’t a decision then start with local prospecting, even if ultimately you move on to others methods, the skills you learn using this method will help you recruit better using the other methods.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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Here is one of the things that I have learned in my journey to success. Energy suckers are everywhere and if you aren’t on your guard they will sap you of everything and leave you in the dust exhausted and emotionally unable to do anything but be frustrated.
What are energy suckers?
Well they come in different categories such as internal ones like…
Did you know it takes more energy out of you to fight yourself over what you should be doing then actually doing it?
Have you ever had a child fight with you over doing a chore and they end up spending double the time arguing with you over doing then it would have taken if they just do it in the first place.
You can fight yourself all day and keep reminding yourself that you need to make those phone calls and feel guilty and beat yourself up because you aren’t doing them OR..
You can get on the phone for 15 minutes make those customer and recruit phone calls, move your business forward and enjoy the rest of your day.
Double Mindedness
This one is very dangerous because you actually think that you are doing the right thing by not making a decision too quickly, but the truth is all it does is lock you in a cycle of self doubt and perfectionism where you never move forward because you never make a decision.
Did you know that making mistakes is a part of the learning and growing process in our business?
It is not a sign of failure, but of your true strength. To be able to make a decision and then accept responsibility for that decision positions you for success.
Successful people make lots of mistakes, they just never let a mistake stop them from reaching their goal.
They recognize the mistake, learn from it and then keep going towards their goals.
Not making decisions leaves you drained, emotionally and physically exhausted and sitting on a fence that you can’t seem to get off of watching others succeed and you don’t know why.
It is time to change that. If this is you, then start by making small decisions on a regular basis and over time you will be able to make the big decisions with ease.
Then there is the external category and that involves the people around you.
Family, Friends and Team Members
Do you have family, friends or team members who require a lot of time and energy, but don’t give anything in return?
Now I am not talking about your young children or very elderly parents. They cannot take care of themselves and do require our love, attention and support and they are one of the best investments we can make in this life.
What I am talking about are those people who should be able to take care of themselves, who are more than capable of dealing with life’s situations but are determined that everything has to be about them and their life.
You know the ones that are always creating drama and require your attention immediately, but when you need them, they can’t even lift a finger to help you.
Here is how you deal with them. You slowly but surely move yourself away from them. Don’t answer their texts, phone calls, emails or Facebook messages right away.
When you do talk to them start saying no to their requests, but give them ideas on what they can do to resolve the situation themselves.
Overtime when they realize that they can’t manipulate any more they will move on to someone else who will fall for it.
The truth is by giving in to it you are helping them. Sometimes the best thing you can do for them is to let them fall and figure it out for themselves.
You have the choice in your life and business to be caught in these things or to grow as a person and learn the things you need to become successful.
Is it always easy? No
Is it worth it when you have reached your goals and reaping the rewards of success?
Most definitely YES.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t recruit like someone else when you are saying the exact same things that they are? Are there things beside the words you use that affect a person’s answer? Check out today’s video to find out.

Today’s Action Step
Before you even go to talk to someone make sure that you are relaxed and smiling and excited about what you want to present to them. It will make all the difference in the world.

To Your Success,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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I hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend. It is always good to see family and friends and celebrate the goodness of God.

 Today’s blog post is going to be very short and sweet.

 Being thankful for what you have is a key ingredient in your success. Here is what thankfulness does.

 1. It allows you to enjoy the journey by recognizing how far you have already come.

 2. It allows you to put your focus on solutions to your problems instead of the problem itself. When you are thankful you can see how many times that the answer has come and allows you to believe that the answer will come again.

 3. Thankfulness keeps you centered in what is truly important. Success is not about what you have but who you get to share it with.

4. Thankfulness keeps you from becoming proud and arrogant. When you recognize that you weren’t able to do this all on your own and being thankful for it keeps you humble and able to help more people.

5. For those of you who believe in God being thankful opens you up to receive more from God.

 So if you are in a tough situation today or are experiencing difficulties in your business then take a step back today, look at what you do have and be thankful. You may feel like you don’t have much, but you will be amazed at how being thankful lifts you up and puts you in a great place to move forward.

 As I thought of things I am thankful for you are on the list. I so appreciate you taking you time out of your busy day to read my trainings and connect with me on Facebook www.facebook.com/haveyouhadenough


To Your Success,

Kim Thompson-Pinder


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It makes me sad to see so many people fail in MLM. They join in hopes of having a better life then fail, mostly because of the reason I am going to give you below. Can I be honest with you? I WAS one of those people who failed several times before achieving success, and I could check mark just about every reason below for it.
1) Lack of Training/No Self Growth.
If you are unteachable or aren’t willing to invest in your self growth you will fail. The other end of the pendulum is desperately wanting training but not having any available. In that case you need to go outside of your company to do it.
2) No Goals Set. As the famous saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
3) Trying Any & Every Program and never committing to any of them. It takes times to build a business, and you just can’t quit and try something new because it didn’t work the first few times your tried it. Get someone to help you who knows what they are doing. Have them watch you and give you suggestions.
4) Procrastination. Need I say anymore? Get off the couch and take action. Record your favourite show and watch it when you are successful and can afford to take the time.
5) Non-Consistent Action. Only doing your business when it is convenient or doing it every now and then will not bring you success. You must have actions planned every business to make your home based business grow.
6) Fear. The only thing I can say about this one is that you have a choice. Your fear or success. You can’t have both. You might feel like your heart is going to pound right out of your chest the first time you go to talk to a stranger about your opportunity, (mine did), but when you get your 1st, then your 10th, then your 50th recruit, you will be so glad that you did.
7) Lack of Leadership. This is the one I can relate to the most. I spent years looking for someone to lead/mentor me. I am so thankful that I did 5 years ago, it made all the difference. If your leader isn’t helping you then find someone who will, and learn from them. If you don’t have someone who is willing to help you. Would you consider me? I can’t do everything that a leader does for you, but I would sure love to answer any questions if I can and to congratulate and applaud you on a job well done.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, have HOPE. You can change them starting today and put yourself on the road to a better place.
Why don’t you come on over to my Facebook page and share a success with me.

I so-oo-oo believe in you and your dreams,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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For many of us recruiting is the stumbling block that hold us back from the success and financial freedom that we want in life.
Many people have joined a MLM/Network Marketing company with the hopes of building a new future for themselves and very quickly become disappointed and discouraged because the one thing they need to do to build that future seems so out of reach.
And that is recruiting people into their company.
So how to do boost your confidence in your ability to recruit people?
Well before we cover that, we need to overcome one big hurdle first.
And that is your belief in whether you can recruit or not. For 12 years I believed that only naturally talented, beautiful, popular people were able to recruit and I wasn’t one of them. So why even bother to try.
Then there was the other half of me that was fighting to get out that said, “That is bunk. You are just as worthy as anyone else and there must be a way to learn how to do it.”
Thankfully, that half of me kept me going until I learned how to recruit.
And that comes to my main point. ANYONE CAN LEARN HOW TO RECRUIT PEOPLE.
Yes, there are some naturally talented people who do it without even knowing how they do it (about 3%), but the rest of the successful MLMer’s LEARNED HOW. Which means you can too. So if you don’t already believe that you can, kick that out of your head and replace it with, “I can recruit people and I am not going to stop until I learn how.”
So now that you have made the decision that you are going to recruit people, how do you boost your confidence? Here are 5 ways.
1. Be Yourself
While I am a big fan of scripts and patterns of recruiting, you need to take those and make them your own.
It is great to study how other people recruit and I actually recommend it, but in the end you still need to be you and find the way of recruiting that suits your personality and style. So try all sorts of different ways to recruit. Practice them and find the ones that work really well for you.
I can tell you from experience that if you try to be someone else you will fail miserably and feel miserable as well.
2. Don’t Care What Others Think
This one is huge. Other people especially your family and friends may not be supportive in the beginning and may even try to discourage you from going out there and recruiting people. They might even feel like they are truly trying to help you.
The truth is if you plan on becoming successful most people will not understand and can even be threaten by the success that you want, because they don’t believe that they can be successful. So you have to determine in your heart ahead of time that you will not let their lack of belief stop you from achieving the financial freedom that you want.
The other thing you need to be careful of is the opinions of other people in your company including your leader. You may find a recruiting style that really works for you, but is completely different from how your leader does it and you can’t be trapped by the box they may want to put you in.
Always, respectfully listen to your leader, but if you have found a legitimate way to recruit and you are having success in it, don’t stop just because you leader tells you that the only way to recruit is their way. Have the courage to step out and continue in that way that works for you.
3. Be Willing To Try New Things
Here is the other side of the coin to number 2. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut that there is only one way to recruit. Be willing to explore and try new things. I am always trying new things and even though I have my few favourites I have found that by trying new things it has increased my ability to recruit amazingly.
Every time you work on a new way to recruit, even if it doesn’t become your main way, you are learning new skills that can apply to other situations and you will have these Aha moments where you can apply what you have learn doing it one way into the way you do it now.
4. Positive Self Talk
There is power in the words that we say in our head and out loud. So make sure that you are thinking and saying brings life to your business and not death. It is simple. Positive words and thoughts will ultimately bring positive result. Negative words and thoughts will ultimately bring negative results because we act and behave according to what we say and feel and if everything is negative you will subconsciously sabotage yourself to make the words you think and say become real.
The opposite is true. If your thoughts and words are positive you subconscious will do things to make those words come true.
5. Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it, Do it
I cannot stress enough that they only way that you are going to learn how to recruit people is to get out there and practice. You can spend all the time you want learning about recruiting, but until you get out there and actually do it, you will never master it.
Will you mistakes? Yes. Will you look foolish every once in a while. Yes. But is it worth looking foolish to someone who won’t even remember you tomorrow if it brings you success and financial security down the road? For me it is.
I have been recruiting people for almost 8 years now and I still mess up every once in a while, but does that stop me. Never. I just laugh it off and continue with my day.
So this has been a long blog post, but hopefully it will help you start on your journey to success.

To Becoming A Recruiting Superstar,
Kim Thompson-Pinder

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