Network Marketing Recruiting: 50 Fun Low Cost Ways To Find Local Recruits & Customers
At Last, The Secret To Unlimited Recruiting And Customer Leads Is Revealed!
How many people have struggled to succeed because they didn't know where to go to find quality MLM recruit and customer leads. Or worse yet, have spent a lot of money they didn't have on useless leads that didn't pan out. Well no more. Now you can learn to create your own leads for next to nothing. Here are just a few examples of what you are going to learn in this book...
#8 is a completely free idea that only requires time. Even 5 - 10 minutes can see results.
#11 shows you in complete detail how to get in front of 20 people who want to hear about your products and opportunity
#13 is so simple that most people are surprised when they read it that they didn't think of it themselves.

And there are 47 more...
MLM Mindset Minutes
Proven Self Help & Daily Encouragement For Those In MLM
Are you still struggling to figure out how the top earners do it? The secret is that they use personal transformation mindset training and self-help techniques to overcome every obstacle that is standing in their way and now you can too!

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you really know what it takes to create success in this business? Is it looks, talent, abilities or just plain old dumb luck? Is it some unexplainable thing that only a few special people can obtain? If it is then why be in this business in the first place!
No, it is much more than that and it is something that everyone including you can have. Successful people have certain traits and one of the big ones is that they have trained their brain for success and if they can do it so can you.

This book will help you over the course of 31 days to show you areas that are holding you back from achieving what you want in your business.
How To Sell $10,795 A Year In MLM
Sales Success In Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales and Home Based Businesses Starts With A Game Plan Anyone Can Follow.
Let me ask you a simple question. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wonder how so and so sells SO MUCH? What is he/she doing that I am not?” Or maybe you are brand new to this business and really want to do well, but have no clue what you are doing.

The truth is that so many people struggle in MLM/Network Marketing and Direct Sales, they know what they want to do, they know the possibilities but have no idea on how to get there.
I have a pleasant surprise for you. It’s not as hard as you think and my book will prove it to you.

The best part is that you will be able to read this book and start to implement the ideas on the SAME DAY. This book is filled with practical, easy to follow advice that anyone can use. Such as…
•The Secret Formula of Sales Success
•How To Get 50 Customers In One Month
•How To Increase Each Sale
•How To Develop Relationships With Your Customers That Produce Results
•And Much More
How To Sell $10,795 - Kim Thompson-Pinder
For me being in MLM has been a journey where I never knew where the road was going to go next. I thought that it would be a straight, smooth road, with no bumps in it. Boy, did I learn the hard way that this journey was going to be about me growing as a person and coming out of my shell to become one who could succeed.
One of the reasons that I am writing is to help others who may be struggling like I did and don't know where to go. The truth is that anyone can do this business if you are willing to learn and overcome everything that gets in your way and hopefully my books will help you do it the fastest way possible.
" I have to say since
I have been following you my business is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks for all you do!"
" I bought your training because I know that recruiting is a weakness for me & I was so excited to get some REAL training in this area! It just so happens that I had a vendor event today. I used your techniques & changed my mindset from trying to make big sales, to trying to recruit & build my customer base. I had drawing for a gift certificate & I made my focus on getting people's information. I had great success!!!  I definitely have some leads now and also grew my customer base. Thank you